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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - It's Olio

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - It's Olio

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Mellow & fresh with a herbaceous finish. Elevate any recipe with a simple squeeze. Handpicked with love from the heart of McLaren Vale, South Australia.

Cooking should be a blast, not a daunting task. We want to take you on a flavourful adventure and unleash fun in the kitchen!

Our award-winning olive oil will truly make your heart sing with joy! And that's not just a figure of speech, the health benefits of EVOO are unmatched/without equal! Rich in healthy fats, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, your body will thank you for cooking with Olio

We believe in one grove, one home and we're so proud to call South Australia ours. All of our olives are proudly sourced from the bountiful McLaren Vale.

Picture a Mediterranean paradise with its dreamy climate, and that's where our olives thrive, growing delicious and fresh year after year. Get ready to savour the taste of SA in every squeeze!


Eco Totes

- Hand-made from recycled polyethylene; polyethylene

- 14k gold plated mimmi tag

Please note colours may vary slightly between batches.


- Hand-made and flame worked 100% borosilicate glass

- Please note pieces may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of each piece

Casa Di Mito Textiles

- 100% flax linen


- all totes can be hand washed with cool water and environmentally friendly detergent. please do not use bleach.

- all glassware is dishwasher safe at low temperatures (below 40 degrees celsius). hand wash with environmentally friendly detergent.


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